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Biography of John W. Adams


Education                                                                             Class

The Haverford School                                               1953

Princeton University                                                   1957

Harvard Business School                                           1960


Kuhn, Loeb & Co.                                                   1960-1961

Corning Glass Works                                              1961-1966

Adams, Harkness & Hill, Inc. (Chairman)         1966-2005

Canaccord Adams                                              2006-present


Outside Activities

1)     The Environment:

-          Director of Bay Pond Park, a 22,000 nature preserve in the Northern Adirondacks.  A large self-contained ecosystem, the Park has hosted scientific studies of its fish, its mammals, its birds, its water, its bogs and its vegetation.

-          Fish Warden, Bay Pond Park.  The area supervised includes a dozen ponds/lakes and 14 miles of one of this country’s last rivers ruled by native brook trout.  Mr. Adams is an active fly fisherman and guide.

2)     History/Numismatics

-          Fellow, Massachusetts Historical Society

-          Fellow, American Antiquarian Association

-          Fellow, American Numismatic Society

-          Mr. Adams has authored five books as well as numerous monographs and articles.  He is considered an expert on numismatic literature and historical medals.  He has delivered numerous speeches on these or related topics.

Further on numismatics: my current specialties are literature and historical medals.  The latter category is grossly under-researched and will become my focus if the authoring bug bites again.  Regarding the former category, my loving wife has built a whole bunch of new shelves, giving me unused capacity for the first time in a decade.