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How can I help make the Medal Collectors of America a better organiztion?

The website:   Look over the "Collector's Guides and Checklists" and you will see that many of the medals are not illustrated. If you have an example of such a medal in your collection you could supply obverse and reverse scans. Furthermore, if you collect by series, topic, or artist and don't find your specialty listed provide us with a list and illustrations and we'll post it.

The MCA Advisory:   The editors of our two publications - "The MCA Advisor" and "The Medal Cabinet" - are always looking for interesting articles. So share your special medal story with the rest of the members by writing an article. Your article does not have to be a scholarly dissertation as general interest article are welcome too.

The membership:   Recruit a friend or signup a colleague. Spread the word by introducing like-minded collectors to the Medal Collectors of America, its publications and its web site.