Métamorphoses d’Europe asbl

Henry Scott Goodman of KarlGoetz.com will be exhibiting a number of his Karl Goetz medals and medallions in the upcoming "Princess Europa" exposition, presented under the aegis Métamorphoses d’Europe organization, The exhibition will be held in Brussels, Belgium beginning October 1 and ending February 7, 2010. KarlGoetz.com is also acting as agent for several submitted medallions from the Saginaw Valley Collection.

This may well be the first invitation to exhibit Goetz material within a prestigious, European-wide art venue since Goetz’ successful international competition in Madrid, 1951.

Hôtel de Ville


The exhibition will present 200 original pieces of art (numismatics, stamps collections, medals, paintings, Chinas, prints, engravings, posters,); all illustrating the representation of Europe throughout some thirty centuries (300 BC to present). The main theme to show how the representation of ‘Europe’ - enshrined within the iconography of the Greco-roman mythology- has, throughout time, been seen as the emblem of the European Continent.

The exhibition will be housed at the Town Hall of Brussels; Grand Place, (Ville de Bruxelles) in rooms; Salle des Milices and Salle Ogilvale.