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Please note that the oral interview files are quite large so they may take several minutes to download.  There also may be a brief interlude between the download and the beginning of the interview.  Please be patient; it is well worth the wait.  If the oral interview fails to open, you may have to download the free version of RealPlayer.


Interview of D. Wayne Johnson by John M. Sallay

John Sallay interviews Dick Johnson on his extensive experience in the medallic field.
In Part I of the interview,
Dick provides his definitions of a medal, an art medal and related terms.  In Part II,  Dick  discusses his earliest involvement with medals and his 10 years with the Medallic Art Company, 1967-1977.

Biography of Dick Johnson

Biography of John Sallay

Part 1 of Johnson Interview

Part 2 of Johnson Interview


Interview of John W. Adams by John M. Sallay

John Sallay interviews MCA President John Adams on his recent research into the Admiral Vernon medals and plans to publish a new, comprehensive catalogue of the series.  Toward the end of the interview,  John Adams discusses the general topic of how to self-publish numismatic books.

Biography of John Adams

Biography of John Sallay


Interview of Alan M. Stahl by D. Wayne Johnson

Dick Johnson interviews Dr. Alan Stahl, Curator of Numismatics at Princeton University.  This wide ranging, in-depth interview is divided into four parts, each of which is preceded by short introductory comments describing their content.

Part 1 of Stahl Interview

Part 2 of Stahl Interview

Part 3 of Stahl Interview

Part 4 of Stahl Interview

Biography of Alan Stahl

Biography of Dick Johnson


Interview of Eric P. Newman by John Adams and John Sallay

John Adams and John Sallay interview Eric P. Newman, longtime collector and author specializing in Early American numismatics. In this hour-long interview (in two parts) Eric discusses his early years as a collector, his relationship with Burdette G. Johnson, their purchase of much of the Col. Edward H. R. Green collection, and his more recent activities with his numismatic foundation and museum.

Part 1 of Newman Interview

Part 2 of Newman Interview

Biography of Eric Newman

Photo of Eric Newman