Volume 24, No. 4

December 2021

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Table of Contents

2021 Jewish Hall of Fame Medal

by Mel Wacks

Design of a Commemorative Medal

by Ángel O. Navarro Zayas

Who Made It

by Lev Tsitrin

A Census of Betts–614

by Jack L. Howes and Roger Siboni

Further Observations on the Continental Dollar

by Roger Siboni and James Rosen

The Continental Dollar: Some Observations and Suggested Research

by John Sallay and Patrick McMahon

Observations on the Design of the Continental Dollar

by Scott Miller

Medals: Grading & Slabbing, Part 1

by Robert Fagaly and Tony J. Lopez

Judaica Art Medal Award

by Mel Wacks

The Phantom Engraver

by Christopher Faulkner