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All links on this page are to external websites. The MCA does not imply any affiliations by providing the links to these sites, which are for educational purposes.


American Numismatic Society [⇗]

The American Numismatic Society, based in New York City, is dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals, tokens, and related objects. The ANS contains the foremost numismatic research collection and library in the United States and supports research and education for collectors, academics, and professionals.

American Numismatic Association [⇗]

The American Numismatic Society, based in Colorado Springs, is dedicated to the study of numismatics and coin collecting. The ANA provides resources for collectors, including sponsoring multiple shows and events. The MCA is an ANA Member Club.

Collections and Information

Historical and Commemorative Art Medals [⇗]

The personal collection of Ben Weiss, containing over 500 medals from the 16th through 19th centuries with photographs and descriptions. Additionally, a comprehensive list of references, links to other websites, and a number of educational articles are also presented.

Virtus Collection [⇗]

A private collection of over 100 medals focusing on the Renaissance and Baroque periods, with photographs and descriptions.