Papers & Presentations

Medallic History of Anti-Semitic Medals

by Ben Weiss

A free e-book titled: Anti-Semitic Medals: A Retrospective as Chronicled by Historical Medals written by Ben Weiss has been published by Kunstpedia. It can be viewed here (pdf).

The Medals of Admiral Vernon

by John Adams

John's wonderful treatise of the Admiral Vernon medals. This interesting article includes an extensive bibliography and is a must read for anyone interested in a discerning view of this group of medals. It can be viewed here (pdf).

American School Medals

by John Sallay

John Sallay's presentation to the 2005 MCA annual meeting held at the San Francisco ANA convention. John outlines the development of the school award medal (often referred to as a reward of merit) from 16th century continental Europe, through 18th century Britain and Colonial America, to the present day. The presentation showcases John's extensive collection, including Boston school medals, early American engraved silver and gold medals and U.S. Mint medals. The talk outline can be viewed here (pdf) and the slides with images can be viewed here (pdf).

Field Day Medals

by Paul G. Lajoie

This collection depicts medals sponsored by the Pulitzer Newspaper, the Sunday World, and awarded to Elementary and High School athletes for activities of a special "Field Day" from 1906 to 1930. It can be viewed here (pdf).