Volume 25, No. 3

Autumn 2022

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Table of Contents

A Betts Medal that Never Was: No. 428. ca. 1765, Safety of the People Medal

by Christopher R. McDowell

From Science to Religion?

by Lev Tsitrin

Fire & Ice: Two Prize-Winning Medals

by Marcy Leavitt Bourne

Medal Award Design for Soldiers in Cuba for Capturing Maroon Slaves (1820)

by Dr. Ángel O. Navarro Zayas

The Ulysses S. Grant Indian Peace Medal: A Poignant Voice of the Time

by Michael Oppenheim

King’s College: The First Canadian Die-Struck Academic Medals

by Warren Baker

Isaac Shelby: the Man, the Medal, the Mysteries

by Robert W. Shippee

Batman in the Renaissance? Alfonso the Magnanimous as Depicted by Pisanello

by Michael J. Sanders

"ORIGINS" The Medal Collectors of America Annual Medal, 2022

by Stephen Scher