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MCA Meeting at NYINC (Posted December 2007)

The Medal Collectors of America will have its semi-annual meeting at the New York International Numismatic Convention on January 12, 2008, at 12 noon, to be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 310 Park Avenue, New York City. Dr. Ira Rezak will be the featured speaker. His talk is entitled: A Century of Medals, and Still Counting: Anniversaries of the Jews in America.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

New NGA Book Renaissance Medals (Posted December 2007)

A new book entitled Renaissance Medals has been published by the National Gallery of Art, which houses the finest collection of Renaissance-era medals in the United States. The book is authored by John Graham Pollard, with the assistance of his wife, researcher Maria Pollard, and of National Gallery of Art associate curator of sculpture, Eleonora Luciano. This comprehensive catalogue is available as a two-volume set covering 957 medals.

A lecture on these medals will be held on January 20, 2008 at the East Building Auditorium of the National Gallery of Art.

Please note that Graham Pollard, considered to be the leading authority on Italian Renaissance medals in the post-war period, died December 2007.

MCA Annual Awards (Posted November 2007)

The Medal Collectors of America issues it Annual Awards: The Carl Carlson Award to David T. Alexander and the Georgia Stamm Chamberlain Award to Leonard Augsburger. Hearty congratulations to both!

Links to Medal Collections Added (Posted October 2007)

Links to several Medal Collections on the Web that may be of interest to medal collectors have been added to the MCA Website.

Links to Medal Organizations Added (Posted October 2007)

Links to a number of Medal Organizations important to medal collectors have been added to the MCA Website.

Lists of Bibliographic Material Added (Posted July 2007)

Links to Annotated Lists of Bibliographic Material Relating to Medals have been added to the MCA Website (Compiled by Sam Pennington and Ben Weiss).

Additional Medal Images Added (Posted June 2007)

Thanks to Heath MacAlpine, who generously provided the images, and Sam Pennington, who posted them, we have added images to the Society of Medallists Series of Medals to complete the series and are in the process of completing the Hall of Fame for Great Americans Series.

American Art-Union Medal Images Added (Posted May 2007)

Thanks to Sam Pennington, additional images of medals were posted to the American Art-Union Series of Medals.

MCA Advisory Back Issues Added (Posted April 2007)

Thanks to Sam Pennington, back issues of the MCA Advisory were posted to the MCA website as PDF files.

Ben Weiss Appointed Webmaster (Posted March 2007)

Ben Weiss appointed as new Webmaster for the MCA Website. His major goals are to make it more useful and widen its readership by updating it and broadening its scope.