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MCA Meeting and Presentation in New York (Posted December 2011)

Our next Semi-annual Meeting of the Medal Collectors of America will take place at the New York International Numismatic Convention on Saturday, January 7, 2012. The meeting will be held at 12:00 noon in the Sutton Suite, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue, New York, NY. The highlight of the meeting will be a presentation by our own John Sallay. The title of his talk is: Athena Leading the Way: Her Iconography on Medals. All are invited to attend.

National Medals of Science and Technology Announced (Posted September 2011)

A number of medals were awarded by President Barack Obama for achievements in Science and Technology. These are extremely rare and prestigious medals, some equating them to America's Nobel Prize Medals.

The recipients can be found at this link [⇗] from Scientific American. Images of the National Medal of Science can be found at this link [⇗] and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation at this link [⇗].

Video of Lecture on Medals Promoting Bigotry (Posted July 2011)

A video presentation on Medals that Promote Religious and Racial Intolerance, given at Villanova University by Ben Weiss. This one-hour presentation reviews the history of intolerance as chronicled by medallic art. Click on this link [⇗] to hear and see this lecture.

Next MCA Meeting (Posted July 2011)

The next meeting of the MCA will be held in Chicago, as part of the ANA convention, August 16-20, 2011. As a feature of our meeting, which will be held on Thursday August 18, at 3 PM, in Room 5, our speaker will be Tony Lopez, who will present a talk on "Research and Collecting in the Digital Age". All are welcome.

New additions to our MCA Advisory Archives (Posted May 2011)

Thanks to Pete Smith, we have posted one of the earliest editions of the MCA Advisory (July 2000) on to our Archives section. Pete, who was editor of the Advisory at that time, generously sent us this interesting historical edition.

Thanks to John Adams, our current editor, we have also posted more recent, back issues of the Advisory.

Stephen L. Tanenbaum: In Memoriam (Posted February 2011)

Stephen L. Tanenbaum was tragically killed February 11 in New York City. Steve was a giant in his field and will be sorely missed. The following brief biography is taken from the Hall of Fame section of the website of the Civil War Token Society:

Steve Tanenbaum is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable active person in the field of Civil War tokens. He has been relied upon for many decades as a consultant, editor, and contributor to numerous CWT works. After beginning his CWT collecting journey in 1972, he became a full-time dealer for tokens in 1981. Steve has handled, purchased, and built some of the greatest modern-day collections, although he always considers himself a collector first. He has discovered hundreds of new varieties, previously unknown die states, and odd mint errors. Steve has been elected to eight terms on the Board of Governors, and also filled two partial terms by appointment. He has served as Vice President of the Society since 2004.

Link to story from N.Y. Times. [⇗]