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Semi-Annual MCA Meeting on Zoom (Posted August 2020)

We will hold our semi-annual MCA club meeting on Zoom. John Kraljevich will speak on "Medals of an Era of Promise and Failure: Collecting Reconstruction, 1863-1877". Information about this meeting can be viewed here.

First Zoom Membership Meeting (Posted May 2020)

We hope everyone is staying well in this era of COVID-19. With so many of us staying close to home these days, member Heath MacAlpine has suggested that we fight the quarantine blues and experiment with holding an online membership meeting on Zoom. The MCA board has enthusiastically agreed. Information about this meeting can be viewed here.

New Book on Medallic History of Slavery (Posted May 2020)

Benjamin Weiss has recently published a new book entitled "Medallic History of Slavery: Racial Oppression as Chronicled by Historical and Commemorative Medals". It gives an account of the sordid epoch of slavery as illustrated by historical and commemorative medals. The book can be read online at the Newman Numismatic Portal [⇗].

Presentation from 2020 Winter MCA Meeting (Posted April 2020)

Andrew Absil of Schulman auction house was the keynote speaker for the Medal Collectors of America January 2020 meeting at the New York International Numismatic Convention. His talk discussed Van Loon medals relating to the Eighty Years' War.

A video of the presentation can be viewed at this page.